Bitters & Blooms


The cornerstone of our BITTERS(weet) collection, our 'Bitters and Blooms' basket is a sultry and sexy combo of handmade hammered copper barware, botanical syrups and bitters, and luscious blooms. 

With studios in Austin, Texas and Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan Mexico, Sertodo Copper handcrafts the most beautiful hammered copper goods out of 100% recycled copper. Our 'Coppersmith' package of barware includes a Boston maraka shaker, an elegant footed cocktail mixer, a double-sided jigger, and a 12" ringer cocktail spoon for mixing the perfect cocktail - whether shaken or stirred.

To inspire the perfect cocktail, we also feature a selection of award winning botanical syrups and bitters from our Bitters & Botanicals package. Inspired by the forgotten cocktails of decades past, FloraLuna Apothecary and Trading Co of Petaluma, California embodies the inherent alchemy of natural botanical maceration. Using only high-quality spirits and ingredients in their handcrafted blends, each bottle is made with organic, local or wild harvested, sustainably procured roots, barks, herbs and spices. These beautiful bitters and syrups run from the everyday to the unconventional, each teeming with distinct flavor profiles that add depth and character to any beverage. Choose from just one pairing of bitters and syrups or all three! 

Fine Print: As we do work seasonally, we cannot guarantee the availability of specific blooms. Our design will stay true to the pictured palette and aesthetic. Please check water levels daily to ensure longevity. 

FloraLuna cocktail and botanical soda syrups are packaged in 16 oz bottles. 16-32 servings per bottle. Bitters are sold in 2 oz dropper bottles. 



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