Tea & Honey

Much like wine and food pairings, different teas pair well with honeys. Featured in this basket is a selection of teas by Portland's Smith Teamaker. Enjoy a nice cuppa Lord Bergamot Earl Grey with a bit of sweet orange blossom honey or try the Peppermint Leaves Oregon Herbal tea with a spot of clover honey! 

We start our Tea & Honey basket with a lovely seasonal floral and some fresh citrusy lemons. A three sachet sampling of five teas is included: Lord Bergamot Earl Grey, Portland Breakfast Black Tea, Fez Green Tea, Rose City Genmaicha Blended Green Tea, and Peppermint Leaves Oregon Herbal. Honey from Bumbleberry Farms in Pennsyelvania includes sweet orange blossom and a darling rustic jar of clover honey with a wooden dipper. Finally, a 100% organic cotton tea towel printed in eco-friendly ink rounds out this lovely basket.  

Fine Print: As we do work seasonally, we cannot guarantee specific blooms. Photos are representative of the overall aesthetic but we will choose the specific flowers based on seasonal availability. Premium and Luxe baskets will have incrementally more floral added to the basket. Please check water sources daily to ensure longevity.




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