Mission Chocolate Bars


Made by Brazilian chocolatier Arcelia Gallardo, this amazing chocolate is as delicious as the packaging is beautiful. 

60 gram bars. 

Cafe + Flor de Sal ~ This is a creamy white chocolate that has been caramelized until it looks like a dulce de leche. Topped off with crushed coffee and sea salt.

Laranja ~ Dark chocolate with candied orange peel, a simple bar with a ton of flavor.

Pão de Mel ~ Creamy milk chocolate with spices. This bar is influenced by the Brazilian cake, pão de mel, and is among the many Brazilian things that can’t really be described ... you just have to try it. It resembles a spice bread, yet it is wonderful in its own unique way.

Umbu ~ Dark chocolate with umbu fruit. Umbu is a soft fleshed fruit, green/yellow in color, and sweet and sour in taste. It is the size of a large grape, soft like a ripe fig, and juicy like a tomato.

Goiabada ~  Dark Chocolate with Guava

 Baruja ~ Baru Nut Gianduja with Sea Salt

Cupuaçu  ~ Dark Chocolate with Candied Cupuçu