Paella Pan


Unleash the spirit of Spanish cuisine in your kitchen with this paella pan, a refined addition available at Campanula Design Studio. This polished steel paella pan, boasting a generous size to serve 4-6 people, embodies the authenticity of Mediterranean culinary traditions. Whether you're a seasoned chef or an adventurous home cook, this pan is designed for crafting the perfect paella, reflecting the rich flavors of Spain.

To ensure top-notch product quality, we recommend boiling water in the paella pan before the inaugural use, removing the protective layer added for your assurance. At Campanula Design Studio, we not only provide premium cookware but also offer Paella kits and complementary items to enhance your culinary experience. Post-cooking, a simple cleaning and thorough drying regimen, coupled with a light oil coating, will maintain the pan's polished steel surface and non-stick properties. Elevate your paella-making game and explore our curated collection for an extensive range of paella essentials, ensuring an authentic taste of Spain in every dish.