Melissa Mercado-Denke is the Founder and Creative Director of Campanula Design Studio. With a degree in accounting and business administration, Melissa started her career in floral not as a designer but as the Operations Manager for a retail flower shop in Seattle. Over the years, working with clients and expressing their emotions through flowers taught Melissa to truly appreciate the importance of showing our love and gratitude for one another through the simplest of gestures. A single perfect bloom, small gift, or short note can transform a mood. Combining a love for event planning and hosting celebrations, an eye for design, and a desire to bring people together in meaningful ways, Melissa founded Campanula in 2019.

Alan Denke is our resident basket czar and hand makes all of our signature wooden baskets. He is also our IT specialist, part-time delivery driver, and keeps us supplied in coffee. Married for over 20 years, he and Melissa have three children and two dogs together. 


Mabel is the official mascot of Campanula Design Studio. She began her career as a puppy in 2019 when she became the inspiration for our logo. She is also our resident expert on which flowers and plants are toxic to dogs as she does love to taste them all! Most of all, she is the emotional support to her people and a much loved member of the family. 


Professional Photography Credits: Julie Bennett Creative and Jennifer Richardson