Our philosophy at Campanula Design Studio is a simple one: People first. Relationships first. 

Inspired by the concept that gratitude is the foundation of our relationships and shared human experience on this earth, we chose the name Campanula for this business. The flower is said to symbolize gratitude, humility, and everlasting love. Add in a good dose of humor, patience, honesty, and compassion to understand who we strive to be as a company and as individuals. 

The products that we sell in our gift baskets are carefully vetted. We seek out handmade, small batch artisan products. We support small businesses. We enjoy connecting with our vendors and getting to know them on a first name basis, asking after the family or projects they might be working on at the time. Sharing resources whenever possible. Good working relationships lead to better serving our clients and our community.

Our employees are family - quite literally at the moment! We treat those who work for and with us with respect and compassion. Families come ahead of work or deadlines. 

As a business, our clients are our priority. We love connecting with each of you and hearing your story. Whether designing a birthday gift, sympathy basket, wedding favors, or customizing corporate employee appreciation gifts, we give each design our full care and attention. 

By choosing these priorities, we also make a conscious commitment to the environment. We want to support our planet and the people on it for generations to come. Campanula is committed to using ethically and sustainably sourced flowers. We support growers, markets, and farms that share our commitment to fair labor practices and the environment. We offer organically grown product when it is available and feasible to do so. We support local farmers as much as possible and make informed choices to lessen our impact on the environment when we cannot. As beautiful as Washington is, our local farmers cannot grow a full array of flowers year round in our climate. By taking into account all factors including fair labor practices, organic certifications, and sustainability we make intentional and educated choices to minimize our impact on the earth and improve the lives of those who inhabit it. 

Our signature wooden gift baskets are handmade by us using mostly reclaimed wood. Most of our packaging is recyclable or compostable and we're constantly striving to find a better environmental model. If you'd like to help us out with that, please participate in our basket recycling program. With every wooden basket returned to us for reuse, we'll send you a gift certificate for $10 off of a future order.