Seasonally Inspired Vase Arrangement


Leave it to our talented team of designers! This arrangement is a designer's choice product. You choose the palette and we choose the blooms - ensuring that you're getting the very best of seasonally available flowers. 

Sizing is a loose guide as specific flower choices impact size and pricing. We price by the stem vs. using a recipe for our floral designs. 

While we cannot guarantee the availability of specific blooms, our designer's choice arrangements reflect the richness of the current season's offerings. The result is a bespoke vase arrangement that resonates with the unique charm and freshness of the moment. Use the photos of our recent work as a guide, showcasing the wide range of possibilities that different seasons offer.

Consider this versatile gift that complements any occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries, or simply to brighten someone's day. Choose your desired color palette and let Campanula Design Studio create a truly remarkable seasonal arrangement, available for delivery in the greater Seattle area or for convenient pickup at our Magnolia flower shop in Seattle.