Bull in China "The Flagship" Mixing Glass


Campanula Design presents Bull in China's Flagship mixing glass. We can’t wait for you to take this Flagship Mixing Glass for a stir!  This glass was built with beauty and functionality in mind. Thanks to the glass used and how it is treated (a long and slow annealing process), it’s one of the most durable cocktail mixing glasses on the market.

Purchase on its own as an addition to your own bar, or add it with other items for the perfect gift for your cocktail loving friend. Consider this as an add-on to one of our gift baskets, floral arrangements or houseplants if you're looking for a special, custom gift for a friend, colleague, or loved one.

Available from Campanula Design Studio as a standalone, shippable item, or add it to one of our gift baskets, flower arrangements, houseplants or other gifts for delivery in the greater Seattle area or pick it up from our boutique flower shop in Seattle in the Magnolia neighborhood.