Girl with a Pearl Earring | Limited Edition Design


Introducing "Girl with a Pearl Earring," a limited edition floral masterpiece that embodies a unique blend of charm and sophistication. Encased in a small, exquisite blue and white ceramic vase, this design showcases a palette of delicate yellow, cream, and white tones that exude elegance. This exclusive arrangement is a work of art that you won't want to miss, but please note that once it sells out, it will be gone forever.

At Campanula Design Studio, we pride ourselves on creating seasonal floral arrangements that are as unique as the seasons themselves. While we cannot guarantee the availability of specific blooms, our talented designers will expertly substitute seasonally available flowers as necessary to maintain the overall aesthetic and palette. Each "Girl with a Pearl Earring" arrangement is a limited edition, ensuring that you're giving or receiving a one-of-a-kind gift that reflects the magic of the moment.

Don't miss the chance to own or gift "Girl with a Pearl Earring," a limited edition design that encapsulates the beauty of the season in a petite, elegant vase. With its delicate tones and unique appeal, it's the perfect way to express your sentiments and elevate any occasion. Explore the world of exclusive floral artistry at Campanula Design Studio's Magnolia neighborhood shop.