Jacobsen Honey


Jacobsen Honey Varieties:

Raw Wildflower Honey

Smooth, sweet, sticky medium-dark honey delivers notes of sage, wildflower, and mint. The slow drip and deep, rich color make it well worth spooning into your tea, yogurt, or dessert.

Raw Blackberry Honey

Jacobsen Co's pollen-rich Blackberry Honey is light and versatile with floral notes.

Jacobsen Hot Honey

This hot honey is something special that needs to be tried if you like a little sweet kick. Try it on Fried chicken, ribs, pizza, all manner of BBQ, roasted vegetables, cheese, fruit, ice cream, and in cocktails. 

This item is sold as a stand-alone item for nationwide shipping, or pair it with one of our floral arrangements, houseplants, or luxury gift baskets for delivery in the greater Seattle area. Consider upgrading your gift and customizing it for the special person in your life.