Choose between our two Rey de la Vera Pimenton options - Picante and Dulce.


Experience the bold and smoky essence of Rey de la Vera's Hot Paprika, a distinguished DOP (Denomination of Origin) blend meticulously crafted from smoked peppers native to the La Vera region. Following time-honored methods, the peppers are delicately smoked over oakwood fire and finely milled, resulting in a paprika of unparalleled texture and flavor.

Rooted in the culinary history of Spain since the 16th century, Pimenton de la Vera holds a special place, with its origins traced back to Italian and Spanish explorers introducing chili peppers to the country. Crafted from renowned rusty red peppers like Bola, Ocales, Jaranda, Jariza, and Jeromín, this paprika embodies the La Vera region's commitment to tradition. The area's mild climate and frequent rainy seasons yield three distinct varieties of Pimenton paprika: hot, sweet, and bittersweet, all protected by the Denomination of Origin to guarantee authenticity.

Explore the rich world of Spanish peppers and paprika in our thoughtfully curated collection, spanning from Pimenton from Murcia to d'Espelette peppers. At Campanula Design Studio, we ensure your pantry lacks nothing, offering a diverse array of premium Spanish culinary delights.

Revel in the flavors of El Rey de la Vera, a brand under the Grupo de la Vera, known for producing the highest quality pepper products sourced from the La Vera region in Spain. With over 500 tons of annual production, El Rey de la Vera stands as a go-to Pimenton paprika brand across the USA and Europe. Delight in the fiery richness of this brand and more through our Spanish grocery store online.

Add a touch of indispensability to your culinary creations with Rey de la Vera's Hot Paprika. Whether enhancing meat rubs, hot sauces, or classic dishes like chorizo sausage, chicken paprikash, and the beloved paella, this paprika elevates your cooking experience. Paired with special paella rice, Rey de la Vera's Hot Paprika ensures your dish carries a delightful heat without overpowering your palate.



Delight your palate with Rey de la Vera's Dulce Pimenton, a counterpart to its Picante counterpart. Unlike the bold and fiery notes of the Picante, the Dulce variety offers an authentic Spanish paprika experience with a cool, smoky flavor and a subtle touch of sweetness. Crafted using the same meticulous methods, this paprika undergoes a slow drying process over burning oak, imparting a distinct flavor profile that sets it apart.

Perfectly complementing vegetables, fish, beans, and any recipe that calls for paprika without the intense heat, Rey de la Vera's Dulce Pimenton adds a sophisticated depth to your culinary creations. Elevate your dishes with this genuine Spanish paprika, available alongside its Picante counterpart at Campanula Design Studio. Whether you're crafting paella, enhancing sauces, or exploring diverse recipes, our curated collection ensures you have the finest ingredients at your fingertips. Unlock the authentic flavors of Spain with Rey de la Vera's Dulce Pimenton, a culinary essential for discerning palates.