Allspice Flower Vase Arrangement


"Allspice" is  a floral arrangement that boasts a captivating palette of pale blush, peach, soft yellows, and rich chocolatey red tones, elegantly designed in a ceramic vase. 

At Campanula Design Studio, we use seasonally available and local flowers whenever possible. While our designs will always stay true to the palette and aesthetic of the pictured arrangement, each "Allspice" design is unique, featuring seasonally available elements that reflect the beauty of the moment.

For those looking to enhance your gift, don't forget to explore our wide array of add-on options. From bottles of wine and artisanal chocolates to spa products and more, Campanula Design Studio offers a diverse selection of gift items that can be seamlessly incorporated into your thoughtful gesture. Elevate your "Allspice" arrangement with these additions, creating a personalized gift that's perfect for any occasion.