Berries & Chocolate | A Seasonally Inspired Floral Design


Indulge in the delectable beauty of "Berries & Chocolate," a sumptuous floral arrangement that showcases premium blooms in a palette of berry tones, pale pinks, peachy blossoms, and chocolate-colored accents, all thoughtfully designed in a ceramic vase. This arrangement is the perfect way to elevate any moment, whether you're looking to enhance your space or send a sweet and heartfelt gift.

At Campanula Design Studio, we're committed to creating seasonal floral arrangements that capture the essence of the moment, ensuring that each "Berries & Chocolate" design reflects the best of the season. While we can't guarantee the availability of specific blooms, our skilled designers will make seasonal substitutions as necessary to maintain the overall aesthetic and palette, making every arrangement a unique reflection of the season's beauty.

For those seeking to enhance your gift or elevate your own space, explore our wide range of add-on options, such as bottles of wine, artisanal chocolates, spa products, and more. Campanula Design Studio offers a diverse selection of gift items, allowing you to customize your thoughtful gesture to suit any occasion or recipient. Discover the art of seasonal floral design and elevate your moments with "Berries & Chocolate."