Girl Meets Dirt Ginny Jam

From Girl Meets Dirt's super Small Batch Reserve line, this limited edition plum preserve has a fun boozy story and a sweet ending. In an orchard by the sea (Warm Valley Orchard) lies a grove of old Italian Plum trees, harvested by long time islanders Bob & Maria Nutt. These beautiful plums have been crated off to Seattle the past few years to be soaked with botanicals in gin by Copperworks Distilling for their lauded & award winning Plum Gin. Earlier this year they fielded a call from Copperworks- basically- hey- we’ve got these boozy plums we normally compost but maybe you want them? HECK YA we do. So in true full circle fashion they picked up a truckload of buckets of 2021 season island Italian plums that had spent most of 2022 on the lash in a gin bath and brought them back home. They rolled up their sleeves and hand pitted each and every one of them, added some sugar and a squeeze of lemon to the party and have an exquisite new limited edition preserve.

Available from Campanula Design Studio as a stand-alone product, or add it to one of our gift baskets, flower arrangements, or houseplants for a perfect gift.